FTF: Queen Victoria and Fyvie

It’s French Toast Friday!

I know, I know…it’s Saturday…but this blog is like Calivn Ball. (see Calvin and Hobbes)  The rules change as we go.  I (sob) couldn’t get anything posted yesterday due to my ongoing explorations of Chaos Theory. Read: it was NUTS at Jane’s house.

This is a photo of Queen Victoria on Fyvie with John Brown at Balmoral Castle.  1863: photo by George Washington Wilson.

They both look a little cranky.  And what’s up with Fyvie’s front hooves?

Queen Victoria on Fyvie 1863

Since we’re on English royalty, if I’ve deciphered my notes correctly, this is  The Prince of Wales  (flat racing) “on a racehorse” at Ascot, Brisbane.  In 1920, this could be either Prince Edward or Prince Albert.  Anyone know?

Photo courtesy of the State Library of Queensland.  1920.  No photographic credit given.

Prince William

I’m guessing the Prince is in #2 position. To my uneducated eye, the first horse looks as if he’s being held back a little, given the jockey’s position and the horse’s body language.

Historians welcome! Comment away.

8 thoughts on “FTF: Queen Victoria and Fyvie

    1. Thanks Kate, for the info and the link. Much appreciated! 🙂

      Readers, be aware the condition of the horse is disturbing. It’s possible the horse was an elderly, hard keeper. Not sure what worming and elder care knowledge was prevalent in the 1920’s.

      1. erm, what’s wrong with the horse except for the front feet?

        I like em like that–short necked, short backed, stout and sturdy. Looks like a Perch/Morgan cross. Fyvie would be my favorite horse, too, though I wouldn’t saddle him with all those layers of black clothing.

        And I’d smile at him. And maybe brush him. Jeez.

    1. I seem to remember she loved horses. Maybe it was hot? That is a LOT of black fabric. Strike that. Looks like a winter coat on the horse.

      I think I read somewhere that Fyvie was her favorite horse. He almost looks like a part draft (except for his smaller size) with the short neck and stocky body.

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