Please Hold While I Try to Find My Keyboard

I know it’s here somewhere.  Under useless things like bills (yawn) and sale magazines (Ooooooooo!)  French Toast Friday is on temporary hold, hopefully I’ll be able to get it up before Saturday!

We’re shoulder deep in tissues, boredom games (oops… I mean board games), strewn electronics, and bounce-marked walls.  Cabin fever and real fever don’t mix well.

I’m convinced liquid cold medications are made by the same company that makes permanent markers.  Can’t they make CLEAR medication?  Why neon blue, day-glo orange, and radioactive red?  Clothes, cabinetry, floor, furniture, my hair, even our tacos shells last night were smeared with a sort of Jackson Pollack abstract of nuclear color splatter.

Christmas wants it all to be fixed NOW, and is helpfully bringing everything in sight to our attention.  This means the floor is immaculate, since everything has to be above little dog reach.  Who knew a little dog could carry a full bottle of water?

We’ve each been handed a boot, flip-flops, and Wii controllers. (He only slightly chewed the controllers, that’s how concerned his is)   Yesterday he managed to drag his personal Holy Grail, the laundry basket, down the hallway and into the living room.  In his opinion, The Laundry Basket is capable of fixing anything.

Christmas is positive something IN THIS HOUSE is going to fix whatever is wrong, and HE is going to find and deliver the cure.

He’s even willing to eat the antibiotics if he has to, which he has tried to prove.

For Tiny fans, I hear through the blip-beep world of texting, his neck is much better, and went for his first ‘ride’: once around the arena at a walk.  Go Tiny!

Good luck to Bella and Hudson, roping in Reno this week!


4 thoughts on “Please Hold While I Try to Find My Keyboard

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  2. Marissa

    I was beginning to worry! French Toast Friday and no word from Jane? I hope your home is on the mend soon… Christmas sounds like a big help. 🙂

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      I know. French Toast Friday with no French Toast??? What is the world coming to? 😉

      Christmas is being quite helpful.
      He dismantled the drip irrigation system in an attempt to get everyone out of the house. In his mind ‘out of the house’ = ‘back to normal’.

      The good news is fevers are down!


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