FTF: Call it The Optimist in Me

It’s French Toast Friday!

I confess.  I have relationships with my Spam Comments.   Like all relationships, in the beginning, I had trouble identifying if they were for real or not.  I’d look in the blog spam filter, cock my head, and think, wow someone at That Big Casino really likes my blog! They said my post on accidentally eating dog kibble was brilliant, insightful, and thought provoking.  They are definitely coming back to read more of my thought provoking ideas!

Call it the optimist in me.

I feel a lot of love from the stuff caught in my spam filter.  Those spambots are good.  I put off deleting the trapped comments.  I’m insightful.  Brilliant.  Good.  Thoughtful. Loved.  Well Written. The spambots LOVE my blog.  They actually say that:  “I LOVE your blog!”  It’s the perfect relationship.  I’m adored: I can be a total idiot, and they still think I’m a genius. GENIUS.

Of course, there are a few bots that are a little pushy and take a little more liberty than I’m comfortable with.  Case in point, these spam comment in response to Dr. Freud…White Courtesy Phone Please:

Buy Prozac Online!  Best Prices!  Can’t be Beat!  Love your blog entry, BTW.  Nice one.

Great post!  Really made me think.  Take out a Payday Loan today!  Go to Payday Loan website and tell me what you think about my blog!  I’d love your input.

Don’t you think it’s a little forward for them to recommend anti-depressents and a loan to cover therapy?  Delete.  No love.

Or how about this one, a comment on Rider Meltdowns (um like the one I had recently over sitting the trot?):

So glad I found your blog.  Loved what you had to say!  Made me think.  Hemorrhoid prescriptions absolutely FREE!  Check it out on my website!  I’ll be back for more.

Please no.  Don’t come back.  Delete.  This comment on The Poetry of Marriage is just plain insulting:

Nice!  Way to go.  Hey, did you know you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days?!  You can!  BTW, love your blog.  Remember, 30 pounds in 30 days!

I’m hurt.  You think my marriage is on the rocks because I need to lose weight??  You can’t really love me!  I don’t believe you.  If you really loved me, you’d love me just as I am.  The Casino does.  Sob.

Maybe the Prozac blog is right.

Did I delete that link?


Posts Jane Has Some Love For

If you have some time this weekend, you might like these:

Enlightened Horsemanship has a good post on  Affirmations of Awareness for Horse people. (Thanks Kim!)  The comments section went into a thread on rider awareness (with yours truly griping about the sitting trot).  There’s some great feedback.

More on The Dreaded Sitting Trot here, from an Equisearch comment thread.

Wendy’s Horse Adventures made me think and want to regroup on some issues (Thanks Wendy!): Challenging yourself by choice and  50 First Starts.

Equine Ink  has unusual Blimp video footage (2nd video) of The Kentucky Derby (Thanks Liz!), that gives you a much better feel of how spectacular Mine That Bird’s upset win really was.  Also, her informative post on polo wraps  here.  There’s a tendon/heat retention issue with wraps/boots!

2 thoughts on “FTF: Call it The Optimist in Me

  1. having just come back from most successful horse show… i’m gonna trot over to equisearch… tx:)

    sit down and ride

    1. Okay. Now we’re all dying of curiosity. I love success. “Most successful horse show…” sounds like well-earned pride to me! We all love a good success story. (do tell do tell) Whether or not it involves ribbons. 🙂

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