FTF: What Bears Do in the Woods

It’s French Toast Friday!

This was taken by an auto-triggered wildlife camera.  Who knew?

Since we now know what bears really do in the woods, perhaps a social scientist needs to finish collecting research about the aphorism, and discretely place an auto-triggered camera in the Vatican.

Tip of the helmet to Steve in CO, thanks for sharing!


7 thoughts on “FTF: What Bears Do in the Woods

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      The music was genius, I agree!

      You know, I hesitated about the bull video. It’s so…horrific. If a human wants to put themselves in harms way, so be it. But to deliberately put an animal (horses, dogs, roosters come to mind) with no choice – bull included – into harms way for entertainment purposes makes me nuts.

      I realize there’s an ambiguous line in all this…not about the bull video IMO, that is pretty darn clear to me. I think below that level of danger, we all have a line we don’t cross on what “harm’s way” and “no choice” is for the animal involved. And it aggravatingly varies from person to person. At one end of the spectrum, people strongly believe “owning” any animal is a form of slavery. At the other end, are people who feel we can use up another life without the slightest concern.

      Thankfully, most of us fall in the concern category.

  1. theliteraryhorse Post author

    Glad you enjoyed it! This so cracked me up. Whoever put that particular piece of music in, I salute you…a true stroke of genius. Truth really is stranger than fiction!

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      Glad you found a good chuckle. I suspect you run into your fair share of bears up there. I’m glad I know where to turn to find out more info for my next mountain ride!


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