Monday Scatter

On the Bull:

I made Daisy promise to tell me I rode GREAT on the video, even if she snorted water out her nose when she watched it.  I got the You Did Great email, right on time.  Thanks Daisy!  For a H/J Queen, she knows a suspiciously large amount of info about rodeo events, cowboy bars, and mechanical bulls.

Unsolicited advice: if you decide to ride the bull, remember it won’t look like this: put your chiropractor on speed dial, make sure you have a massage scheduled later in the day, and take Tylenol an hour before you get on.  You hang on with your palm turned up: expect that it will hurt to pick up an envelope for about a week, and you won’t be able to move anything on the right side of your body.

For heaven’s sake, whatever you do, don’t tell them you ride!   See below.

Shaun confessed, last night, that she told cowgirl I rode horses, while cowgirl was operating the controls. That’s why the bull cranked up.

Why I’m Okay with This: Shaun raked in the Marriage Points by going to the roping.  Shaun, in an arena with milling HORSES and loose steers??   Cowboys and butch lesbians do not usually mix well (the people were great, but we didn’t know that beforehand.) it was brave of her to go.  I thought she’d be cashing in her marriage points for years.  An endless chasm of “Yes, Dear’s” opened up before me.  Now that she’s confessed,  a big chunk of those points just got transferred back to my account.

Memorial for my old Mountain Horse tall boots: Sob.  Thank you for your 3 years of outstanding daily service.

Welcome to my new Mountain Horse tall boots: OW.  Ow ow ow ow OW OW OW.  Drop already!  Stop torturing me!

Update: There’s some new additions to the Good Reads section.

Spring Break:

I’ll be flipping into full-time mommy mode, and doubt I’ll see you much here, other than the occasional cry for help.  Starts this french toast Friday!  With any luck I can get some stuff up to auto post.  (righhhhht.)

I know!  You can all write in to Daisy and bug her for me, since I won’t be able to.  I’m not sure Daisy can survive a day without being seriously annoyed.  Think of the service you’d be providing.


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