A Solid Leg and Seat, English: Jumper Video

It’s often when things go South on a horse that one’s riding (seat/legs/hands/mental agility) get tested to the max.

The video:  rider has one heck of a beautiful leg and an excellent seat. My initial uneducated reaction: “Wow look at that leg and seat!  Dressage prospect!  Can we say levade? ” Second reaction: “If I were on board, that would be the longest 35 seconds of my life.

After watching it with hunter rider Daisy, whose initial reaction was: “That horse hates his job, he jumps too well to be green”,  I wasn’t so sure about the wisdom of putting this up.  How depressing would that be if we are witnessing an excellent rider on a horse that hates what he does?

What do I know about jumping?  Nada.

But in the end, whether this is a training issue, a job compatability issue or a horse psychotherapy issue, it’s still an amazing exhibition of riding with a beautiful leg and seat.  You decide.

Tip of the helmet to Lillian for sending it in.  Thanks!


One thought on “A Solid Leg and Seat, English: Jumper Video

  1. lizgoldsmith

    It’s an interesting video. That horse certainly doesn’t want to start the course although it has a nice jump and plenty of scope. Definitely doesn’t like its job and may be very anxious. The rider is very talented and has a lovely seat . . . some horses just aren’t suited for certain jobs . . . who knows whether this horse just doesn’t enjoy jumping or was overfaced earlier in its career . . . or if the rider now is actually trying to retrain a horse that’s developed issues.


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