An Independent Seat: Western or English, Good Riding is Good Riding

This is Stacey Westfall.

I’m sure everyone in the horse world has seen this video – probably at least 10 times; it went viral in 2006.  Maybe the people in your life haven’t though…might be nice to share what you’re working toward (also can’t hurt on the “You Still Need Lessons??” front…sure you do…you’re still using a saddle and bridle, right?!).
Dressage enthusiasts, note her horse licking and chewing -without a bit – after one of the later canter segments.  I have to admit, it made me laugh she was not allowed to take her horse out of the arena until she put a bridle on him.  I understand why, it’s just ironic!

The following video is almost more (!) impressive.  Watch her teach, talking to the audience, using hand gestures etc, all while using her seat to guide the horse through the movements, no bridle, no saddle.

For the uninitiated…there are no secret handsignals, no verbal commands.


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