Shake a Prez and Forgotten Horses

Thanks to Bunk at Tacky Racoons, you too can learn how to  shake the president of your choice. Just like a snow globe, only in 2-D!  With no snow.  Maybe you had to be there.  Never mind.

Once there, scroll down and you’ll see Teddy R. on horseback, ready to ride into the camera.

Seeing Roosevelt on his horse made me wonder what his horses were named.  Google, we worship you:  Little Texas,  Rain-In-The-Face, Bliestein,  Yangenka.  Ponies: Algonquin & General Grant.

‘General Grant’ made me laugh.  Could this be a poke in the ribs to the real general about his small stature?

How about sending in the names of horses throughout history?  Remember the name of Tonto’s horse?    How about Dale’s?  George Washington’s?  Since most of the really old ones will be pre-registered name, it will be interesting to see what famous people decided to use for the horse’s barn name.

Once you get over to Tacky Racoons, don’t forget to come up for food and water, you won’t want to leave.

8 thoughts on “Shake a Prez and Forgotten Horses

  1. As luck would have it, you may not be making it up. I looked it up earlier thinking, duh use Google, look up Havasu.

    There is a Havasupai Tribe, and if Keemosave didn’t mean “more stupid” prior to today, I bet it will in Havasupai very *very* soon. After all, language can be very fluid and does evolve…it’s definitely what it *should* mean. Hint hint to the creative linguists of Havasupai.

  2. What culture speaks Havasu? (speaking of being tonto…) And if so, this just may redeem The Lone Ranger for me. When I grew up and learned he was calling Tonto “stupid”, I was SO mad, and felt so stupid myself. (Given I’m biologically half Mohawk.) Now if Tonto was saying “Hey, More Stupid, they went thata way” I’ll feel much better. And thanks for the info!

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