One Tempi’s as a 6 year old…bareback

I wish I’d learned how to ride like this!

This was sent in to my classical dressage listserve by Simon Battram.  It’s a video of Ingrid Klimke’s 6 year old daughter practicing one-tempi changes without a saddle.  It looks like she has a surcingle, a much better idea than a saddle for her size.  Something she can grab onto if need be.

I’d like to point out she is wearing body armor under her jacket, and a helmet.  Responsibility and care, nice concept.  Get on board people.

(See previous post on why we need Helmets.)

This isn’t a YouTube video, so I can’t embed it.  Click on the link below: if you have a slow internet connection hit play, and let the video load itself through, then hit replay to see it smoothlyWhen it’s jerky, it doesn’t translate.

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