Blog Comments Open

Okey-Dokey.  I’m getting feedback that being required to leave an email address is making folks nervous about commenting.  I understand this.  Probably keep me from commenting also.


I’ve removed that requirement.  You can now comment without leaving an email address.    Go for it!  The only comments I will delete or block are those that are disrespectful, hateful, or something I wouldn’t want our kids to read.

Let me know what you think?  Better??


2 thoughts on “Blog Comments Open

  1. theliteraryhorse Post author

    Let’s clarify for those who don’t know us yet. As for hateful comments: comments involving hating our thighs, our bosses ridiculous demands, and the person in the next cubical who won’t stop coughing over the divider, we’re okay with that. 🙂 We’re good with the normal “I SO hate this”.


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