Spouse-tionary Update

Check it out, add your two cents!


4 thoughts on “Spouse-tionary Update

  1. theliteraryhorse Post author

    Okay okay….meeting unadjourned! (I’m ignoring the beast comment. See how reasonable we are?)

    Daisy, you were supposed to SHUT the door.

    Pass the helmet ladies…we have a fellow horsewoman in full blown spousal crisis. We need to come up with enough for a golf lesson. Give generously.

  2. theliteraryhorse Post author

    Uh-oh. I mean…WELCOME. Don’t tell me out of the 10 – oops typo- 10,000 horse people who read this blog we actually had a SPOUSE visit??

    Please raise your hand so we can greet you! (okay while everyone is clapping wildly, whoever’s spouse this is…RUN before you’re seen!)

    Um….golf….that’s the game with the itty bitty hard soccer ball? And all that rolling turf that is so wasted on, I meant used by, non-horse people? I believe we can budget in a couple of golf balls, can’t we horsewomen?

    Golf Spouse, we appreciate your input! For the record, these aren’t budget fibs. They are *translations* to help the non-rider easily understand what’s necessary. Right, girls?

    Daisy, offer our fine guest a donut. You guys can chat up on the patio while we conclude our meeting. Nice meeting you! Thank you for coming!

    Does anyone have a trainer whose spouse teaches golf? We need a referral for domestic harmony. THAT trainer will make sure the golf lessons will cost a lot MORE than her riding lesson. Good grief. How hard is it to hit a ball with a stick? We have to train our spouses in priorities.

  3. Sad-spouse

    Holy smokes did you get this one right. I never understand a word my spouse says about getting lessons on something she all ready does. Now if we are talking about my golf game that is where we really need to put our lesson money. How do you suggest I get that okayed on the other end?????? Oh and by the way you just let the horse out of the bag better come up with a better set of fibs.


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