The Launch of the Spouse-tionary

If this is your spouse’s brain on horses, then you might want to help us out with our new Spouse-tionary.

I can compute this...I can compute this...DATA INPUT ERROR 401

I can compute this...I can compute this...DATA INPUT ERROR 401

What ideas or concepts (including why horses are goooood) do you most often have to repeat?  What metaphors work?  It’s your opportunity to chime in!  Use the comments section, or email me.

To comment, you have to leave an email addresses (stalker prevention) but no email address will never be published, sold, or shared.  Cross my heart.  I’m the only one that will see it.  Unless you’re a stalker, in which case I’ll share with the FBI, though I might be swayed by flowers and cake.  Did I say that outloud?


2 thoughts on “The Launch of the Spouse-tionary

  1. theliteraryhorse Post author

    Thanks Liz!
    good one for the Spouse-tionary: you picked THE most difficult concept for a spouse, friend, or relative to comprehend. When Do You Finally Know How to Ride?

    It’s right up there with doctors who say, sure…go ahead and ride with that (insert horse-caused injury here), shouldn’t be a problem. Riders all know (but don’t correct!) the doc is thinking, “how much harm can it be to sit on a moving sofa and watch the scenery go by? As long as she leaves that dislocated shoulder in the sling it should be fine…”

  2. lizgoldsmith

    My husband still cannot fathom why I still take riding lessons. Don’t you know how to ride yet? He asks. I tried calling it working with a trainer but that made it sound more expensive!


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