More Horse Ad Commentary

There are some people who really don’t want to sell their horses.  Or even give them away, as long as they can pay for expensive ads to scare away prospective buyers who might hunt them down and try to stuff cash in their pockets.  Heaven forbid (sigh) a horse might find a better home.

Thanks Daisy, for finding this one!

From The Ultimate Horse Site: How Not To Sell Your Horse, written by (the obviously Horse Ad savvy) Annamaria Tadlock.  Loved the six legged horse photo.  


One thought on “More Horse Ad Commentary

  1. Beauty - thehollywoodhorse

    Dahling! Finally a blog I can subscribe to! Although I think the buying and selling of horses is just about as bad as you-know-what, there is at least one horse here in Pasturville who I wouldn’t mind if she moved down the line! I don’t mind saying that here because I know she only goes online to find studs! Thanks for the link. Well, gotta gallop! Love you – mean it! Beauty


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