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The Importance of Planning a Good Panic

By now, you all know I have many…eccentricities. (That word sounds so much nicer than the phrase: “Jane is a whack”.)

This summer, I had to face one of my personal worst case scenarios.

I am unfazed when using a tile saw with no safety on the blade, hurtling around the arena on 1200 lbs of I don’t THINK so, or relocating the skunk family that chose our house to move into, and believed we were the hired help the estate agent threw in for free. I’ve stuck my bare arm into a pitbull fight, and more frighteningly, successfully navigated health insurance phone tree mazes, and resolved disputed claims in our favor.

What could possibly be worse that THAT?

Being lost.

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FTF: The Holistic Healing Properties of Duct Tape

It’s French Toast Friday!

This episode of French Toast Friday is brought to you courtesy of  3M.

In my opinion, knives and flesh should never meet: not even anesthetized flesh.  I had a planter’s wart on my toe since I was eleven.  Acid, knives, avid swearing, nothing made it go away.  Finally I said enough.  It didn’t hurt me, why should I hurt it?

Fast forward 20 years.

After the initial romance wore off, Shaun very nicely said “honey, could you, uh, do something about that…thing…on your toe? “

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